Zero Waste 2 Landfill

As a business, zero waste to landfill means that ultimately you will be a part of a circular economy where one business’ waste becomes another’s resource by diverting the various waste stream to recycling, up cycling, or recovery facilities.
DC24 is currently ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) accredited which ensure our data, reporting and management is of international standards.
We offer a full sustainable reporting service that ensures that you have your finger on the pulse of your liquid waste removal processes. Our reporting system allows you to monitor the progress of your liquid waste removal and ensure it does in fact get diverted from landfill.
DC24’s circular economy looks something like this:
  • We service our clients fat/grease traps.
  • We divert that organic waste stream from landfill to processing plants.
  • Those plants process the waste into bio-diesel.
  • DC24 uses that bio-diesel to power their truck fleet.
  • DC24 also sells the bio-diesel to their clients so they can also run their logistics fleet on the bio-diesel made from THEIR waste.
  • All with a full transparent Chain of Custody of the waste stream
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