Blocked Drain?

Keeping your drains unblocked 24/7

We Service Fat Traps, Septic Tanks And Drains All Over The Western Cape
24hrs A Day, 365 Days A Year.

The Drain Cleaning Professionals

DC24 has fully equipped and certified teams that operate 24hrs a day, 365 days a year to tackle every blocked drain, fat trap, or septic tank emergency throughout the City of Cape Town.

We service and repair all residential, industrial, commercial, construction or municipal plumbing and drainage systems, while offering a host of maintenance solutions to prevent pipeline and drainage issues in the future.

Our customised Liquid Waste Management & Drain Cleaning schedules ensure all systems remain live, active and free-flowing. Our highly skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to ascertain exactly what the problem is and how best to tackle it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With multiple teams operating across the Western Cape, we pride ourselves on ensuring we can address any and every drainage or piping emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 We repair and maintain sewer lines, downpipes, showers, sinks, blocked toilets, blocked basins and storm-water drain, grease traps, and septic tanks of all sizes and volumes on residential, industrial, and commercial-scale with full data tracking and reporting
All our data, reporting and job card management is processed as per our ISO 14001:2015 Accreditation and backed by City of Cape Towns full accreditations to move and manage hazardous waste.
We incorporate the latest CCTV cameras to perform a CCTV inspection of the line to assess the general condition of your system and that all pipes are free-flowing. This is done at no additional charge.

Pipeline & Effluent Services

We have a solution for almost every problem...

  • Emergency drain cleaning.
  • Contract sewer and storm-water cleaning.
  • Internal fat trap servicing.
  • External fat trap pump-outs and extractions.
  • Septic tank pump-outs and full extractions.
  • Sludge management.
  • Deep cleaning of underground and above-ground tanks.
  • CCTV pipeline inspections.
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation.
  • Waste Water Treatment consulting and implementation
Drain Cleaning

DC24 is fully geared to tackle any blockage no matter the pipe size. Our 24hr teams are kitted with the…

Liquid Waste Management

DC24 provides Internal and External Grease Trap Servicing across the Western Cape, in accordance…

Industrial Deep Cleaning

DC24 conducts all industrial deep tank cleaning for both above and below ground effluent systems…

CCTV Pipeline Inspections

DC24 conducts integrated pipeline inspections with all Drain Cleaning call-outs. This service gives the teams…

Line Location and Drain Mapping

DC24 prides itself on becoming the leader in underground pipeline diagnostics – all drainage…

Pipeline Rehabilitation

DC24 and its partners are the leaders of small diameter pipeline rehabilitation in Cape Town

Waste Water Treatment Plants

DC24 has partnered with one of the big names in South African made Waste Water Treatment Plants…

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We have a solution for almost every problem...


17 Tekstiel Street,
Unit 10 Inospace Textile Exchange,
Parrow Industria,
Cape Town,
Western Cape,
South Africa

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